Heyo! I hope ya’ll are having the loveliest weekend. The last few days around here have been crazy busy, but also so amazing because it’s finally feeling like autumn outside — 60’s degrees, drizzly days, sweater weather and all the pumpkin spice coffee (Trader Joe’s has the best kind!). I actually got caught in a huge rainstorm on Tuesday afternoon while walking back from picking up lunch, and may ended up soaked from head to toe when I finally got back to the office — let’s just say I kicked off my shoes afterward, dried off with a few paper towels and dug around in my car for a spare sweater. It was definitely not one of my most graceful moments, but looking back, it sure was funny and I totally deserved that donut I devoured while waiting for my hair to dry, haha. 😉

Leading up to this weekend, we took things pretty slow — Scott made a big pot of chili to bring into his work’s chili cook-off on Friday, and I lounged around and watched Tardy for the Party (super guilty pleasure!). We had a busy weekend with helping out at the Tempe Oktoberfest (something we do every year!), and attending the Bloguettes Arizona Influencer Brunch. It really was a great one, though, and now we’re doing our best to rest up a bit before the work week starts tomorrow. 

Outfit Details:
Well, I’m gonna go eat dinner and watch more of the most terrifying places in America on the Travel Channel. I’ve been loving all of these spooky shows that have been on lately, and can’t wait for ABC’s 13 Days of Halloween to start so soon! Have a great evening, friends!
-Chelsea xo

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  1. Ahh, an autumn dusk. There's nothing quite like it.
    Where did you get that pretty ring?
    And when are you going to do another video? I loved hearing you talk about stuff you were excited about- you're adorable. 🙂

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