October always seem to bring out two sides of my personal style — one being my super autumnal side that just wants to wear rust, orange, red, brown, yellow and grey all day, and the other being my “edgier” side where all I want to do is wear black and pull out all my studded pieces (or dress like the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus — but that feels less appropriate for every day, haha). Either way, I’ve been all about layering lately and really getting into fall the season. It’s hard to believe that we’re already half through October — seriously, where has the month gone? October is my very favorite month, so I’m hoping these next few days slow down just a bit. A week from Wednesday we’ll be in Seattle, and I just can’t wait to see all of the fall colors and soak in all the chilly weather there — it’s going to be amazing!

Outfit Details:
Loft Waxed Motorcycle Jacket (similar!)
Levi’s Top (similar!)
I’m currently curled up in my pjs with my kitty, Peter, right by my side. I’ve been watching the tv show “Fixer Upper” for the past two hours and I seriously can’t stop watching it! Have you guys seen this show before? Chip and Jojo Gaines are so cute and I seriously wish they would come makeover our home — not sure that will happen unless we move to Waco, Texas, though, so here’s to dreaming they expand their market sometime in the near future. 😉 Ok, I’m gonna go make some tea and settled down for the evening — Scott and I both have had this nasty sinus headache/drippy nose thing going on all day long, so I’m hoping for some relief soon and a good night’s rest for the both of us.
Sleep tight, loves!
-Chelsea xo

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  1. I'm sorry your not feeling well! I have the same thing going on and it's the worst, not full blown sick but not feeling 100%. 🙁

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