Hello! Wow, it’s November and I still have so many photos and stories I want to share from our trip to Seattle. I’m hoping to wrap things up this week (or early next) with our PNW adventures, but for now, I’m gonna be chatty about our trip down to Pike’s Place Market on the most beautiful autumn day! It had been years and years since I had last been to the market, and since this was Scott’s first time, we decided to take in all the stops and sidewalk shops along the way — we even stopped by the oldest Starbucks and the gum wall, but I’ll save those stops for another day! 

If you’ve never been to Pike’s Place Market before, it’s something magical — there are oodles of sidewalk shops lining the marketplace as you roam through, selling everything from fruit, fish, flowers and so much more. It was so hard not to buy something at every booth, but I did my best to walk through all of the shops before making my purchases (a giant bouquet of flowers and some delicious chocolate covered cherries!).

It’s kind of crazy, but five dollars will get you a giant bouquet of gorgeous, fresh flowers at the marketplace! I must have peeked at all of the flowers shops before finally picking my $5 bunch (a gorgeous, autumn-inspired arrangment). My only wish is that I could have saved them and brought them home to dry, as they were so beautiful! 

This handsome guy was loving the PNW way of life, and while we’re desert rats for life, Seattle will always have a special place in our hearts.

If a trip to Seattle is up next on your travel list, I would definitely suggest making a stop at Pike’s Place Market. It may be a little touristy and kind of crazy at moments (I definitely saw a man throw a fish back and forth across his booth), it’s such an amazing, iconic place. Promise you won’t regret it! In other news, it’s Monday and I’m fighting off a nasty sinus cold, so I’m going to go make some hot tea and call it an early night. We’re in that weird transitional stage in Phoenix where one day it’s really cold, and then the next it’s in the 80’s. So with all this back and forth, my allergies and sinuses are just a mess! It’s starting to get colder, though, and I couldn’t be more excited! Bring on the layers! Have great evening, loves!
-Chelsea xo

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  1. We love Pikes Market, Seattle is so close for us and we absolutely love visiting! Glad you guys enjoyed such a fab adventure… perhaps you'll visit Vancouver next. It's an amazing city!! 😉

  2. I had the best peach of my LIFE at Pike Place this summer! Love that place. And love gathering bits and pieces for a picnic on the grass overlooking the Sound. The people watching is fabulous!

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