Happy Sunday, sweet friends! I’m back with yet another Seattle adventure — I promise they’re coming to an end (soon!), but if you could just humor me with a few more posts than I’ll get back to reality  soon (which is just as wonderful as our trip to the PNW — life really has been the best!). Anyways, one early morning, when the sun was still rising and we were warmed and tucked into bed, I decided to peek outside to see if the fog had settled in the night before. Much to my delight, the fog was thick and seem to be calling my name, so we quickly threw on a couple of layers and headed outside to capture a few memories in this glorious and magical autumn morning. 

After venturing out into the cold, we spotted these giant, fallen leaves right next to my Aunt and Uncle’s house — natures best kind of props, if you ask me!

Hi silliness always gets me laughing and puts a smile on my face — 9 years later and I’m so happy to be his.

Outfit Details:
REI Long Grey Sweater (similar!
It truly felt like there was magic around every corner in Washington state and I already can’t wait to head back there one day very soon. And while it’s complete Autumn on the blog, it’s starting to feel like winter in Phoenix. The days are getting shorter, the mornings are getting colder and my daily outfit has included a sweater, coat and a scarf almost every day (that may be a bit overkill, but this desert rat isn’t used to the cold!). Scott and I had a pretty calm weekend — dinner with our sweet friend, Tish, and her darling kiddos. We also spent quite a bit of time with our family, cleaning our home and getting ready for another busy week. How was your weekend? I wanna hear all about what you did and the adventures you went on, so please share! Let’s chat!
-Chelsea xo

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  1. Those leaves are amazing! Foggy mornings are so cozy.

    We had a date night last weekend which included burgers, fries, and our first craft beers since leaving the States (everyone drinks cheap watery beer here, which is fine, but we miss the "real" stuff!) We then waddled down the block for foot massages. The massage in Bangkok is insanely cheap and good. We also unpacked the art we brought with us, and started the process of deciding where to put it (our apartment has concrete walls, so pushpins don't work! We have to get the handyman to come and drill holes for anything we want to hang) and what needs framing, Chill and fun. 🙂

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