Good evening to all the night owls out there! How’s your Sunday evening going so far? I’m sitting here all bundled up with the heat turned on high — it is so chilly outside! It’s kind of funny to think that many people just don’t know how cold it actually gets in the desert — right now it’s 45 degrees outside and it’s set to hit freezing and below in the coming week. While we don’t usually get snow in our area of the state, we do get very dry, cold days — the kind that can just chill you down to the bones. Every once in awhile, though, we get a freak snow and everyone goes crazy. Its been a few years since our last snow, but I’m hoping for a little dusting to sprinkle on us soon — I say that now and then come Christmas I’m sure it will be 70 degrees, haha. That’s just how Arizona is — so unpredictable weather-wise, especially if you live in the middle and lower parts of the state. The norther part of Arizona is on the Colorado Plateau, though, and has a totally different climate — all four seasons, including lots of snow and changing leaves. Crazy, right? It’s not all cactuses and dirt around here!

Lately I’ve been really digging simple sweaters, lots of layers (especially in the mornings and evenings), skinny jeans and boots — what’s new, though, right? 😉 Fall and winter are my absolute favorite times of years to dress and when I feel most like myself style-wise. I’ve been trying my hardest lately to only buy pieces that I absolutely love and can see myself wearing over and over again — this red pullover sweater Madewell recently made the cut and now I’m wishing I had it in two or three other colors. I got it on super sale, but now that it’s sold out I’ve got my eye on this pretty little number. Ya’ll know this, but Madewell is one of my absolutely favorite places to shop, BUT — I try my best to only shop in the sale section and when it’s an additional percentage off. Every once in awhile I’ll treat myself to something not in the sale section, but that’s usually because it’s on a special sale — that’s the trick to my expensive taste on a budget! Sale, sale, sale!
Ok, I’m ending this chatty post here, but I hope you all have a lovely day tomorrow! Be back soon with a special post! 
-Chelsea xo

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  1. Such pretty photos, Chelsea! Red is such a good color on you! Our weather in Pittsburgh this weekend was close to 70 degrees. It's completely unheard of for December! Can't believe the desert was colder than Pennsylvania! haha

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