“It’s such a cold December! It’s such a cold December! It’s so cold! La, la, la, La, la, la, la” — Cold December by Matt Costa // Indeed, its been such a cold December here in the desert! Over the past few years, we’ve had a very warm holiday season, but this year the Valley of the Sun kept its cool and let us desert rats have the chance to really bundle up and get the full “Southwest Winter” effect. 50 degrees and windy in the desert is no joke – ha! Now, if only some of that beautiful snow would make its way down the Superstition Mountains into town — so close, yet so far away! 

Now that the holidays are over and the New Year is on it’s way, I wanted to share a few photos from our first Christmas season in our new home. I mentioned in my last post what a special season this was to be celebrating in our very own place, and while I already have big plans for next year’s decor, I really love how cozy and warm our home felt this holiday season and will really miss all the decorations once they’re boxed up and stored away. But who am I kidding, though, I’m also really excited for a clean space to head into the New Year with! Anyone else with me?

A few peeks into our home during the holidays — 

— This faux tree has seen its fair share of Christmases around here, and while she might had looked a tad bit small in our new place — she got the job done! Also, we like an eclectic mixture of ornaments around here! 😉

— A snap from our holiday wreath decorating post! This wooden sign was a fun collaboration from last year between Scott and local creative, Katie Sterbenz — a piece that will be hanging on our holiday wreaths for years to come. 

– This DIY entryway mantle has been of my most favorite pieces that Scott built for our new home. I really enjoy dressing it up for the seasons, and Christmas was no exception. The pine garland was made from tree scraps and a bit of wire (plus nails to keep it secure) — next year I might add in a bit of holly or a dried citrus garland to add to some color to it! 

Have you already started to take down your holiday decor? What was your favorite piece this year? Did you go Christmas decoration shopping today too? It’s the best day of the year to stock up and find new pieces to love for the coming year!

Happy Holidays, sweet friends! I hope you’re having the best holiday season!

-Chelsea xo

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