Happy Sunday, sweet friends! I hope ya’ll had a wonderful weekend and that you’re enjoying a nice, chill evening! Scott and I had a super busy weekend with the Pineapple Triangle Market in downtown Phoenix yesterday (which was so awesome!), and today has been super productive in terms of all things life-admin – grocery shopping, laundry, refilling our Peixoto Coffee iced coffee growler — it’s been a good one! Anyways, I wanted to stop by just for a few quick minutes to share these fun photos that we snapped on Thursday at the David Wright House in Phoenix!

The David (and Gladys) Wright House is a very special place! The concrete house was designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright for his son, David, and his wife, Gladys. The house has a spiral design that’s meant to cool the home by capturing the wind, and features a long curved entry ramp that is said to be the model for a larger version that was later built at the Guggenheim Museum in New York. David and Gladys Wright lived in the house until their deaths, and in the mid 2000’s the home feel into a bit of disrepair. It was actually set to be demolished, but the city + local Wright enthusiasts (like us!) fought hard to keep it standing. Successful efforts saved the historic home and soon brought it back to its glory days — welcoming guests to tour it’s winding hallways once again. Scott and I were able to tour this amazing home back in May of 2015 and it was an incredible sight to see!

So where do the balloons come in? Well, on the 150th birthday of Frank Lloyd Wright a party was thrown in his honor and the home was then donated to the Taliesin Architecture School (FLW’s namesake school that’s located in Scottsdale, Arizona). The incredible Jihan Zencirli of Geronimo Balloons was hired to create this amazing balloon installation — which was an incredible sight to see! I’ve wanted to see one of Zencirli’s installations for years and years (remember the rad installation she did on the Oh Happy Day building last year?) and I felt so lucky that we were able to see this one in person! 

Since we got to see the instillation at the very end of the event, the balloons were starting to burst and deflated — but it was still so amazing to see! We basically had the place all to ourselves, so that felt equally as special. If you ever have the chance to see the David Wright House in person (they’ll be opening public tours again in the near future), I would highly recommend checking it out! 

I’ll be back soon friends, but in the meantime I would love to hear —  have you ever seen or heard of the David Wright House? What about one of the Geronimo Balloons installations? Her work is SO beautiful in person!

-Chelsea xo


  1. This is AMAZING! I’m so glad efforts went into preservation for this house… and what a fun way to celebrate! xo

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