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Bonjour! After five nights in London, we hopped on a Eurostar train headed for Paris. Neither Scott nor I have been to Paris before, so we’re thrilled to be experiencing this city together for the very first time. I’ll admit that my French is a bit rusty, as the last time I was in France was almost 10 years ago, but we’re both trying our hardest and learning the ways of the french — espresso for days, patio seating always and that taking a break in the many gardens around the city is never a bad idea.

Aside from all things, after making our way to our hotel Friday afternoon, we spent the evening getting our bearings and experiencing the first few stops on our list — the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe, Champs Elysees and Laduree. We ended our night with a little stroll back to our hotel and a showing of Midnight in Paris (when in Paris, right?). We’ve since spent two full days in this magical city taking in all the sights, sounds and crepes of Paris! Tomorrow we’re off to the Louvre, but until then — it’ time to get some rest! I feel like we’re finally over our jet lag, but then again — I did take an hour long nap on our way to and from the French countryside today! 

Au revoir, copains!
-Chelsea xo

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