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With the start of fall officially two days away, my wardrobe is starting to go through an overhaul! Summer dresses and short sleeves are being tucked away until the next warm season, and the sweaters and boots are coming out of their hiding places for another season in the cooler weather. And while most of my fall pieces are coming back from previous years, I am excited to rock a few fall trend worthy pieces and share more about those finds here with ya’ll! With these trends in mind, I’m thrilled to be partnering with Zappos and Rebecca Minkoff to share the newest booties in my collection, the Annette Too, along with a few thoughts on what I’m seeing and loving this season, including Rebecca Minkoff’s fall footwear collection via Zappos!

While trends may come and go, there is one thing for certain — classic booties will always be in style! After browsing Rebecca Minkoff’s fall footwear collection, I knew the Annette Too had to make their way into my wardrobe. I love, love a classic, leather bootie — especially when they’ve got a bit of an edge to them like these do with their alternating metal studs and grommets dawning the top of the boot. I’m also big on the shade cognac for fall, and love pairing it with black to add contrast and warmth to my autumn style. Rebecca Minkoff’s fall handbag collection is full of pretty cognac colors bags, so if you’re in the market — make sure you check out their newset pieces!

A few other items on my fall trends list? Mustard hued tops and accessories, neck scarves, ruffles, fisherman style sweaters, overalls, wide-legged trousers and so much more! This autumn is shaping up to be a great one, trends and adventures included, and I am officially ready to take on the season — pumpkin spice iced coffee in hand and my favorite autumn album playing in the background (New Leaves by Owen, if you’re curious)! 

I hope everyone’s week is off to a very autumnal start! Scott and I had pumpkin spice iced coffees yesterday (unsweetened black iced coffee + one-two pumps of pumpkin sauce from Starbucks), and tonight we listened to new and old tunes from American Football (another band that always reminds me of the fall). Scott and I will be celebrating the first day of autumn this weekend with a showing of Hocus Pocus (the ultimate fall movie), time spent with friends and a trip to our local market to pick up a few goodies to get the season off to a delicious start — and you can bet that I’ll be rocking my Annette Too booties all weekend (and season) long! I hope ya’ll have a cozy one and I’ll be back soon, friends!

-Chelsea xo

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