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Happy Fall! The Autumnal Equinox is here and for once the Valley of the Sun has decide to agree and give all of us desert rats a break from the heat! With coolers temps near and in sight, I thought I would share five reasons why I’m excited for autumn – in case you’re also looking for a few reasons to get excited about (let’s be real, though, it seems that ALL of Instagram was stoked on fall today, haha). Without further ado —

1. Fall Decor – Decorating our home for autumn is one of my favorite traditions! When I was a kid, my mom and I would hang paper pumpkins and caricatures of black cats and witches in our house (those awesome late 80’s, early 90’s designs that have seem to make a come back lately). Today, Scott and I take more of a subtle approach to decorating for autumn – tiny pumpkins spread throughout, cozy candles in every room and a bowl of candy corn that I can’t seem to stop refilling! Oh, and pumpkin twinkle lights — can’t forget to pull those out and hang them up ASAP!

2. Autumn Wardrobe – There is nothing quite like dressing for fall! I am ALL about cozy layers, dark colors and lots of knitwear, so to say that my wardrobe thrives most in autumn would be an understatement. My first fall purchase for the season? This cozy Madewell cardigan in the perfect autumn shade!  

3. Autumnal Coffees – Ya’ll know that I love my coffee, so when the pumpkin spice drinks start coming out — I am SO in! My favorite concoction? Black, unsweetened iced coffee with one-two pumps of pumpkin spice syrup! I also love a good maple spice latte (if you’re local, head on over to Peixoto for a delicious one), and anything with hazelnut in it! What’s your favorite autumn drink?

4. Autumn Adventures – After months and months of hot weather here in the dessert, autumn brings a much needed cool weather relief! Once the temps dip down below 80, it’s time to throw on the sweaters and head out on a few adventures. Among my favorite quick trips and adventures? The drive up and back down the 89-A from Sedona to Flagstaff! The changing leaves along this drive are usually incredible. I also love going to nearby Schnepf Farms for some time in the pumpkin patch, hot apple cider and a walk through the corn maze. 

5. Fall Feelings – The autumn months hold such special memories for Scott and I! We met at the end of September (for the second time, but the time that really counted), got to know one another in early October, started dating at the end of October and have been together ever since. This year marks 11 years since Scott and I first started dating, and even though we’re well into our third year of marriage, ever autumn still reminds me of those early days where our love was new, but was one we already knew would last forever. 

And I swear I could keep going on and on, but I’ll stop (for now)! What’s your favorite thing about autumn? Favorite drink? Adventure? Autumn playlist? Here’s to an amazing season, friends!

-Chelsea xo


  1. I’m living in Eastern Europe at the moment in a country with few trees/forests. I am so missing the beautiful upstate New York fall of my hometown!! I love the weather (in New York, that usually means below 60), getting to bundle up, the holidays and traditions (apple picking, making apples sauce, going to the pumpkin patch, homecoming celebrations, etc.), and the return of hot cocoa plus bonfires. I also love hiking in the mountains in the fall when the air is crisp and the distinct smell of fall. Next year I will probably be home again for fall, and I can’t wait!

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