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The holiday market season is here and Scott and I are gearing up for the busiest weeks of the year for our small business! With these local markets, pop-up shops and in-store events, we’re often faced with early mornings and long days (those of which we’re incredibly grateful for, of course) and because of them coffee is an absolute must. So when the rad folks over at Esurance challenged us to add a little style and functionality to our second home (meet Eleanor!), we knew that our #madeitmine project had to be focused on our beloved iced coffee that we tote around everywhere we go.

This car coffee crate was an easy DIY that Scott whipped up within an hour and has already proven itself worthy of the space in our second home – it truly saved the day during our last handmade market! Our plan was to create a piece that could house our favorite iced coffee and the necessary fixin’s – insulated cups, straws, sweetener and cream (for guests, of course!). We also aimed to save a little money along the way this market season by being able to bring our own iced coffee along with us instead of having to buy one every time we’re in need of a little pick-me-up. Ready to learn how to make your own? Keep on reading!


– Three 16” x 6” pieces of wood

– Two 3” x 16” pieces of wood

– 30 tiny nails

– One .5” x 16” dowel

– Hammer

– Pencil

– Wood glue

– Sanding block

– Tape measure

– Hacksaw (not pictured)

– Drill (not pictured)


1. Measure and mark your desired crate shape and dowel location.

2. Use the hacksaw to cut the wood to size (use excess wood as crate dividers).

3. Use the drill to make holes for the dowel in the two of the three 16” x 6” pieces of wood.

4. Use wood glue and nails to secure all sides, dividers and dowel.

5. Finish up by using the sanding block to smooth everything out.

And now our home away from home is officially ready to hit the road! Here’s a little peek into what the back of our car can look like on any given market day! I tend to take the smaller items, and Scott puts all of the larger pieces into our old pick-up truck. The blanket is actually something we often use as a display on our handmade wooden ladders, but it can also double as a cozy place to sit and enjoy a little coffee while taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the day – perfect combo if you ask me!

This would be the perfect project for anyone looking to save a bit of money, time, hassle and add some personalization (and caffeine) to your own holiday commutes – whether that be a trip to your own local handmade market, or to grandmother’s house you go! Let us know if you’ll be making your own #madeitmine DIY, and don’t forget to share the finished product with us using the hashtag! Scott and I had so much fun creating this project and hope ya’ll love it too!

This post was created in partnership with Esurance!

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