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When life gets busy, and the long days seem to blend together — what’s the best medicine to clear the busy blues? An evening outdoors, of course! Recently, Scott and I took a break leading up to our busiest handmade market of the season to snap a few photos with our good friend, Katie, and the results are something I’ll cherish forever and ever! 

Equal Uprise Hat                                                                                                              
Roolee Adelyn Pocket Dress                                                                                                    Madewell Brenner Boots

We’re off to start another busy week — with a holiday pop-up shop with Citizen Home Decor at our local J.Crew and a holiday party in tow! We’re also planning a quick trip to Tucson, Arizona, on Friday — so if you have any suggestions on coffee shops, restaurants and boutiques to check out — we are all ears! Be back soon, friends!

-Chelsea xo

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