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The holiday weekend is here and I am SO excited to get into the Christmas spirit and spend the next few days celebrating with our family and friends! I am, though, a tad bit behind in my holiday shopping and have just a few things left to pick up before the celebrations begin! As you guys might have see on InstagramScott and I have spending the last few evenings selling at local holiday markets, which has been so amazing and fun — but it’s also been super chilly in Phoenix! So when the team over at Zappos reached out awhile back about styling up a cozy item from Toad&Co, a rad brand that sells items made to be worn in the chilliest of outdoors temps — I jumped at the opportunity to style up the Merino Merritt Hoodie because I knew it would keep me cozy and warm during our evenings out, and also during those days where we had a bit of time to explore and get some fresh air before the evening’s market began.

This holiday season has really been all about balance for Scott and I with all that we have going on in our day-to-day life — work, holiday markets, pop-up shops, family, etc. Sometimes it can seem a bit hard to balance it all, but we’ve learned lately that there’s nothing a quick trip out to the riverbed can’t solve. We headed to this exact place just a few days back to take in the fresh air and reconnect on all those things that really matter most this season. Needless to say, we left this spot feeling refreshed and ready to take on the busiest week we’ve had yet with Citizen HD, and truth be told — it was the best decision we made all holiday season! Well, other than those double espresso that kept us going through that very last evening! 😉

Aside from all this holiday talk, I wanted to share that the Toad&Co brand is all about every day adventure, which is totally something I strive to have in my own life. Their brand also makes socially and environmentally committed garments that are suited for the outdoor trails or hanging at your favorite local coffee shop (both of which I enjoy doing!). A portion of their sales also supports people with developmental disabilities, and 90 percent of their products are also eco-friendly. All in all, they’re a pretty amazing brand doing rad things and I’m very thankful to be able to partner with them this holiday season — especially during a time where getting outdoors has been the best escape from the busy days and months we’ve been having around here!

How are you spending the holidays this year? Celebrating with family and friends? Heading to the movies? Getting outdoors? However you’re spending the holidays, I hope you have a cozy one, friends! Cheers to the festive days ahead — don’t forget to have a little dairy-free eggnog for me! 😉

-Chelsea xo

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