Out of all the bits and pieces, paintings and trinkets in our home, the items I get questions about the most are our houseplants! I shared a full post on where to purchase, how to care for and how to decorate with plants back in June of last year, and while I still fully stand behind my recommendations –I’ve been wanting to create a mini version! Think Spark Notes for plant care, haha!

Here are my 5 tips and tricks for happy plants —

1. Do your research! Purchase plants that are easiest to care for in your climate! // Throughout the past few years I’ve really honed in on the plants that are the easiest to care for in our space — snake plants, zz plants, monstera and even fiddle fig leafs! While everyone’s home and climate is a bit different, it’s important to have plants that are able to thrive in your space. A quick google search and a chat with your local nursery owner will help you to quickly pinpoint those perfect plants before you even make your first purchase.

2. Set yourself up for a success! Purchase yourself a healthy plant! // We’ve purchased from all different places – local nurseries, major retailers, floral shops, etc., and what we’ve learned through this process is that it’s not about where you buy your plants from, it’s about how well they’ve been cared for beforehand. Keep you eyes peeled for wilting limbs, yellow leaves and the overall condition of the plant. Set yourself up for success by purchasing a plant that is in good shape (unless you’re a magical plant lady/gent that can bring plants back to life — then by all means, take care of those in need).

3. Pick the perfect pot! // Picking your plants new space is half the fun of bringing home your leafy friend! I’m all for unique planters, but also want to make sure the pot is good for the actual plant. Terra cotta pots are always a fan favorite, as they’re porous and allow air and water to pass through the walls (while keeping your plant + water inside the pot, of course). Picking pots with a base for drainage is always suggested, but above all else — be sure to choose a pot that allows for growth!

4. Find the perfect spot! // Next to the window? Up high? Down low? Each plant varies in how much sunlight they need, but I’ve done my best to place each plant in our home in a space where they receive either direct or indirect sunlight (and for the random few that don’t – I move them around throughout the week). It may take awhile to find the perfect place, but don’t be afraid to move around your plants until they’re looking their most happy and healthy!

5. Keep a weekly watering routine! // Keeping and sticking to a watering routine is one of the best things you can do for your plants! We water all of our plants once a week on Sundays — we usually throw on some music or a YouTube video and get to work on our blooming brood! Oh, and don’t forget to feed your plants while you’re at it! We buy plant food from Dig It locally, but you can purchase these nutrition filled packs at your local nurseries, major retailers and more.

And there you have it – five tips and tricks for happy plants! As I mentioned in my last plant focused post, I’m by no means an expert — but have a feeling that you might be able to learn a thing or two from my successes and failures in houseplant care! I would love to hear your own tips and ticks for plant care, funny stories and even your failures! We’re all just trying to figure out these fickle fellas — one watering day at a time!


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