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How We Start Our Mornings Together


During our four and a half years of marriage, Scott and I have gone through many different morning routines — from opposite work schedules to intense grad school semesters, same work schedules and now to a few days a week at home working together. Throughout them all, though, one thing has remained the same — we always have coffee together. We’ve learned to cherish these quiet moments before the work day begins and have found a real groove that works for us — up early, dressed and ready for the day and coffee together before we get to work.

Being from Arizona, iced coffee has always been our drink of choice and lately we’ve really been enjoying trying out the Cuisinart Cold Brew Coffee Machine. We’ve actually made our own cold brew over the years, a process that was never that successful for us, and most recently we’ve been buying cold brew filled growlers from our favorite coffee shop. With the help of our latest cold brew addition, though, we’ve been making our own in a mere 25 minutes!

While my own coffee consumption has been slim to none during the past few months, I have been enjoying making Scott a carafe of cold brew every few days — although, you can leave the cold brew in the carafe in the fridge for up to two weeks! You can make three, five or seven cups depending on what you’re in the mood for, and also pick your own brew setting — mild, medium or bold. Scott’s favorite combo seems to be seven cups on the bold setting! We’ve also been using our favorite locally roasted beans and grinding them in our at-home grinder before we put them into the machine. The smell of coffee is seriously one of the best smells ever, and this process tends to fill our whole home with that heavenly smell.

With the bold setting on, the machine takes an extra 20 minutes (45 minutes in total) to really soak in all that smooth, cold brew goodness. However, with all the hustle and bustle that goes on during the mornings around here, the coffee seems to be ready before we know it. With the 25-minute setting on, this machine is also the fastest cold brew machine on the market — which is a huge bonus for us and our busy lifestyle.

Once the cold brew is poured, we tend to sit at the kitchen counter or at our dining table and write out our goals and tasks for the day. Meetings, emails, projects to finish, orders to fulfill — there’s so much that goes into being a small business owner, but I feel truly so lucky to be going through this process together. Coffee has always been so deeply integrated into our love story, and it’s so nice to still see it as a part of every day today — especially during such an exciting chapter in our life!

If you’re cold brew lovers like we are, this machine is a must-have in your kitchen! It’s quick, easy to use and clean and even helps us to stay on track with our coffee budget because we’re making all of our coffee at home. Oh, and in case you’re wondering — we’re black coffee drinkers (always have been), but this machine makes the smoothest, non-acid cold brew — one that even sweet coffee drinkers will like drinking this straight out of the carafe (plus, it’s much healthier for you too)!

-Chelsea xo

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