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Three Purchases That Have Been a Gamer Changer During Pregnancy


Now that I’m in the ending weeks of my second trimester, I’ve been thinking more and more about what I want to share in my second trimester of pregnancy post (catch part 1 and part 2 of my first trimester edition here). While diving into more of what I want to share all about these past weeks and months that have truly been the sweet spot of my pregnancy, I realized there were a few things that have truly helped me throughout my entire pregnancy thus far — three in particular that I wanted to share in case any of you mommas-to-be were in need of a few items to help you make your pregnancy that much easier and enjoyable! Without further ado —

1. Hydroflask + Straw Attachment

I’m just going to throw this out there — drinking the amount of water that you need to while pregnant can be tough! Knowing that I was already a big water drinker before I got pregnant, I figured drinking my 100 oz’s a day would be easy — well, I was wrong! Some days, it feels tough to drink up when my stomach is feeling queasy or I’m on the go, go, go and don’t remember to keep track of my glasses — and that’s where my 32 oz Hydroflask and straw attachment came to the rescue! I’ve been using this daily since early on in my first trimester and have found the size and straw to be a game changer. By drinking a little over three refills of this a day, I get my water intake easily without having to think about it AND the straw makes it super easy to sip when I’m working or laying around and watching tv. I got mine at Whole Foods on sale, but you can pick these easily up online!

2. Snoogle

I’m going to be honest when I say that I was very against the idea of a “pregnancy pillow” in the beginning. I always sleep with two pillows and couldn’t imagine sleeping with this giant body pillow wrapped around me too. Well, after telling Scott that I was having a hard time sleeping on my side (I’m a back sleeper through and through), he got me a Snoogle for my birthday — and truly, I haven’t looked back since. This pillow not only allows me to really relax (knowing that it’s a lot harder to end up on my back in the middle of the night), but is also super helpful when it comes to getting my thighs/legs into a good position so that I can sleep comfortably throughout the night. I was definitely a naysayer in the beginning of my pregnancy, but now I can confidently say that every pregnant gal needs one of these giant pillows!

3. Snowie Shaved Iced Maker

The very sweet team at Snowie Shaved Ice Makers kindly sent me this beauty to help me beat the summer heat, but I will say that I would absolutely spend my own money on it because it’s that good! Like any pregnant gal in the summertime, shaved iced/ice cream/slushies/anything icy cold sounds SO good to me! Before receiving the Snowie, we had been stopping at Sonic way too much to get some kind of icy drink to keep me cool — but now we can our own at home whenever we want! The machine itself comes with a few flavor options, but we’ve also tried out using fresh fruit and juices on top of the ice and it’s just as delicious! If you have kids already or are having family and friends over, it looks super cool having your own shaved iced maker too — this worked in our favor over the 4th of July when we were the cool aunt and uncle because of it! 😉

Anyways, I hope all you mommas-to-be (and friends of mommas-to-be) found this helpful! I’m nearing the end of my second trimester and will be sharing a more detail update on how I felt, craved, loved, etc., soon, but until then — I hope ya’ll have a wonderful weekend!

-Chelsea xo

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