Picture blog/adventure day!


Today was a really good day.

I started my morning/early afternoon by going to get some Sbucks with my cousin Jared. A few hours later Jared and I hiked with a family friend and her granddaughter up to the graveyard where Doc Holliday is buried. The graveyard is super old/creepy. There were unmarked tombstones, and crazy paths that led to nowhere. Some of the tombstones dated back to the early 1800’s. Holliday’s grave itself was fenced in and had a giant flagpole beside it. On top of the grave lay a few things that people have left behind for him including money, rocks, Jim Beam, and a cigar. 
After quite a few photo-opts and some scary stories we headed back to the mountain. Once we made it to the truck we drove to Hotel Colorado where President Roosevelt once stayed and where the Teddy Bear was first made. We explored the old hotel, upstairs, downtstairs, the garden, and pathways we probably shouldn’t have and took a few pictures along the way.
Before we headed back we decided to walk across the bridge to downtown to get a snack from Sacred Grounds (fav local coffee shop). For the last few days I have been eyeing these really amazing muffins so I decided to finally get one, while everyone else got ice cream. The muffin I got was a bran muffin with honey and a chai whipped topping. It was beyond yummy and I’m happy that I finally got one.
Delicious bran and honey muffin with a chai topping! Don’t mind Jared’s arm, he wouldn’t move it.
The rest of the day went as followed:
Din din with momma at a Salvadorian restaurant (mmm chile rellenos, the best!)
Manicure with momma
Target/Sbucks with momma once again
And now this, blogging about my day.
Night night world!
there was supposed to be a ton of photos along with this blog but when I posted it with the pictures it cut all the pictures in half. I really need to get this figured out. Maybe tomorrow? Dissapointed!

Downtown life.


Overall, yesterday was a good day and today has just begun so I have a feeling that this is going to be a good week.

Yesterday, my family and I came to Glenwood Springs, Colorado and I got to hang out downtown and go to Target (my two favorite things). My mom, Tamie (a lady that works for my parents), and I had lunch downtown at my favorite local bakery/coffee shop Sacred Grounds. I had a very yummy grilled eggplant and veggie whole wheat wrap. Afterwards we did a few errands and then I went off on my own to explore downtown.
I went in and out of a couple few shops and then headed back to Sacred grounds to have a very yummy iced SVL. After hanging out there for awhile I headed to Target where I made two purchases. I bought an an Orla Kiely pear/apple mug and a Woodstock 40th anniversary shirt!
Today I plan on going to the post office and send a few things off, then having lunch and another yummy skinny vanilla latte.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again, I’m not a fan of Sundays.

Today I got to thinking about all the special things I miss about home. I miss silly things like being able to find a vegetarian restaurant when I want one, and coffee shops that are open past noon. I also miss Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods even though I don’t go there often, I still greatly enjoy roaming the aisles of each and looking at all the yummy treats. I miss my car, and even though I have my mother’s car out here to drive pretty much whenever I please, I still miss my little white Mazda3 hatchback that suits me so well. I miss my newly found, favorite yogurt shop, Yogurtland, and I miss Cupz and Crepes. Like I said, all of these things seem pretty silly however they are the things I do certainly miss.
On a lighter note, I haven’t done much today. It’s been a really slow, boring day. Jared and I did get Dairy Queen earlier and that kind of made me happy but at the time I was still upset that I just missed getting a latte by two minutes (they girl didn’t even offer to make me anything as she brought in the patio furniture). Tomorrow is another day however and I’m excited to be going to Glenwood Springs. I plan on getting coffee and roaming their downtown area. I also need to find a birthday present for my friend Whitney who turns 21 in just a few short days! 
Ok, it’s time to make my dinner (veggie burger and some caprese salad). 
The thing that I will always miss the most about home is John Scott Goodson<3

In need of peace and quiet.


Today has just been one of those days where all I wanted was some peace and quiet, and of course I have yet to get some and it’s almost midnight. 

This morning I went grocery shopping with mom and purchased a few things that I have been craving, including yogurt and garden burgers. Around three I went to Doghouse Espresso down the street and had a yummy hot skinny vanilla latte. It was nice just to be by myself and people watch for a little bit. I saw the cutest couple there, a young guy and girl that seemed to match together perfectly, enjoying a bagel and coffee together and it made me miss John Scott so much more. I honestly can’t wait until I’m back in his arms. He really is my other half, my soulmate, and when we’re apart for this long it’s so hard on me because I miss him so much. The night was followed by a lot of people playing our Wii and yelling and screaming along with it, which is not what I wanted to be around in my desperation for silence. 
Tomorrow I’m hoping to go into Grand Junction just to spend some time away from the fam. It would be really nice to see my cousin and his wife, however, that live in Grand Junction. I’m hoping that if not tomorrow, then in two weeks I can have dinner with them/go to their cute house that I have yet to see.
All I want is to play Animal Crossing right now. Maybe later? Lets hope so.

By the way, I’m already planning the month of August out, seeing as that is when I will be back in my beloved city of Phoenix. The list so far:

1. Dinner at Bella Italia with John Scott
2. Lunch at Green
3. First Fridays!
4. Road trip to Prescott with John Scott to explore the city (again) and have a few yummy meals
5. More lightrail adventures
6. Shopping downtown!
More to come

Day two.


Wow, it’s been a very long day.

This morning my mom, my cousin Jared and myself drove to Grand Junction to do a little shop and have some lunch (Chinese buffet with tons of sushi, yumm yum). We went to Target where I bought a lovely red cardigan for 5 dollars and change, then went to Best Buy, where we bought a new power cord for our Wii because ours mysteriously stopped working, then to Office Depot, Walmart, and finally to the beloved downtown area where we went to my new fav local coffee shop and had an awesome skinny vanilla latte (mom had an iced chai and jare had some kind of strawberry smoothie). Afterwards we headed back to Delta where I proceeded to work the rest of the day.
Now it’s almost midnight and my little body is so tired, but also so hungry at the same time. I’m contemplating having a bowl of cereal before I turn it. 
Tomorrow will be another long day but I’m so excited to go to Glenwood Springs on Monday.
Btw, I really need to go grocery shopping. I’m in need of tofu, veggie burgers, bananas, eggplant, and cereal. 

Starting fresh.


I’ve decided that summer 2009 and beyond should be blogged about so here’s to my attempt at keeping a daily, or at least bi-weekly blog of my life again.

My blog is opened to all who would like to follow. I would only hope that you would be interested in sharing a little piece of your day to day life with me as well.
I’m a twenty one year old college student that is in love with the most amazing man and is currently spending her summer in Colorado working, playing, and drinking lots of coffee.
Welcome to my life,